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  • Powerful pre-workout booster
  • High dosage of caffeine, beta alanine, citrulline, arginine
  • For new training

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ABE 315G

ABE 315G is a powdered food supplement for athletes who want to push the limits of their training by increasing their strength, congestion, concentration and determination.

Why KDC NUTRITION selected this product:

The KDC NUTRITION teams have chosen this product because it is one of the most powerful booster on the market in terms of sensation. The ABE contains an ultra complete list of ingredients, intended to offer you explosive sensations for your training. Beta alanine, arginine, citrulline malate, caffeine, taurine will increase your congestion, your strength, improve your concentration, reduce fatigue, ....

In addition, ABE is enriched with vitamins and minerals which will provide you with energy and act on muscle tissue in order to allow you to build optimal muscles.

The Council of KDC NUTRITION:

Take a scoop and a half (10.5g) in a large volume of water 30 minutes before the session, preferably on an hour's empty stomach.

Nutritional Values: for one dose (10.5g)

Tri Creatine 3.25g
Beta alanine 2g
Citrulline Malate 4g
Teacrine 100mg
Caffeine 200mg
Taurine 200mg
Vitamin B3 80mcg
Vitamin B12 100mcg

Ingredients: example for the Tropical fragrance: Citrulline malate, tricreatine, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, taurine, caffeine, teacrine, sucralose, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, turmeric colorant

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